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Australia heat wave invites fire alarms

Australia immediate fire heat wave tells southeast Australia was hit with extreme heat, with temperatures above 40C (104F) in some regions, and several warnings forest fires instead. In Victoria, lightning sparked more than 250 fires at night, firefighters said … Learn more about BBC News

World Cup 2014: Australia coach Ange Postecoglou will face difficult challenges Hopes World Cup in Australia have begun to disappear faster than a plane was so fake when they were removed from the tank after Spain, Holland and Chile. In fact, when comparing the sides of our greatest victory in the World Cup back to Germany 2006 … Read more at Telegraph.co.uk

Top of fire in South Africa to carry Australian on Earth

Above South Africa to take Australian fire earth The attack by his own acclaimed Australian squad as the best in the world is about to discover frontline batsmen South Africa, an English line-up more difficult declined this proposal was removed. Although statistics can sometimes … Read more at
rugby league player Russell Packer jailed Australia faces alcohol , violence (CNN) – A professional rugby player has been jailed for two years for a drunken assault in Sydney, amid national introspection about the prevalence of violence fed alcohol in Australian society. Russell Packer, former New Zealand … Learn more about